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Dejero and Source Elements team up to boost audio file transfers from the field


Blended power of Dejero GateWay and Source-Connect will help mobile broadcast teams achieve faster audio file transfers

[Waterloo, Ontario, April 23, 2019] — Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provide video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote locations, is joining forces with Source Elements, a high-quality audio software provider allowing users to work remotely and collaborate effectively over the Internet. This technology partnership means that broadcast teams can achieve faster remote audio file transfers from the field—using a combination of the Dejero GateWay Smart Blending Technology and Source Elements’ Source-Connect ISDN replacement.

The mix of Dejero GateWay and Source Elements’ Source-Connect allows users to reliably send live audio from anywhere in the world to any location of their choosing in real-time. Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology intelligently combines all available network connections, creating a single virtual ‘network of networks’ that is robust and reliable. This enables Source Elements users to confidently send high-quality live audio broadcasts from remote locations.

"Dejero‘s Smart Blending Technology gives field production crews greater freedom when producing live remote broadcasts by providing high reliability Internet connectivity and flexibly using available IP connectivity,” explained Todd Schneider, chief technology officer, Dejero. “This gives production crews greater freedom on their broadcast locations. Source-Connect runs on a laptop connected to a Dejero GateWay router and the real-time, low-latency, high-quality audio is sent directly to the desired destination.”

Dejero GateWay provides field broadcast teams with reliable mobile connectivity by blending together wireless networking technologies from multiple providers, creating higher throughput over a secure connection. With access to reliable Internet connectivity on location, news, sports and live event broadcasters and media production companies can perform more activities remotely.

“What’s most exciting for us in regard to the Dejero Gateway is that we can provide our customers with a highly reliable method to conduct stable remote sessions, said Rebekah Wilson, technical director, Source Elements. “This is something that is difficult to achieve on the public Internet when broadcasting from the field.”

Source Elements is an industry-standard ISDN replacement with a deep feature-set for all remote audio recording and monitoring needs. Portable, high-quality and secure, it allows a user to record and monitor from anywhere in the world, using your professional tools. It’s the only remote-recording solution with support for every DAW and set-up, for almost every OSX and Windows system.

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Iwwer Dejero
Dréit vu senger Visioun vu verlässlechen Konnektivitéit iwwerall, Dejero Verschmëlzelt verschidde Internetverbindunge fir séier a verlässlech Konnektivitéit ze liwweren fir d'Cloud Computing, d'Online-Zesummenaarbecht a fir den Secure Austausch vu Video a Daten. Mat sengen globalen Partneren, Dejero Versprécht d'Ausrüstung, Software, Konnektivitéit Servicer, Cloud-Servicer, an Ënnerstëtzung fir d'Uptime an d'Bandbreedung kritesch fir den Erfolleg vun den heuteg Organisatiounen. Headquartered zu Waterloo, Ontario, Kanada, Dejero ass Vertrauensfuerderung fir Videostransport an der High-Band-Internetverbindungen ëm d'Welt. Fir méi Informatiounen, besicht www.dejero.com.

About Source Elements
Source Elements has been delivering professional IP recording software and services since 2005. Committed to building remote collaboration systems for post-production, broadcast and music producers, Source Elements continues to lead the industry with their unique experience with real-time, broadcast-quality internet audio. Created in Chicago with technical staff based globally, our world-class support is dedicated to finding solutions for all needs.

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